Durapost Trained Installer for Fencing

Durapost Trained Installer for Fencing

We are pleased to advise Oilcanfinish Landscaping are Durapost Trained Installers on the Durapost Fencing System. This fencing system is based on Galvanised and Powder Coated steel fence posts and is an alternative option to timber and concrete posts.

One of the advantages of this fence system is appearance. These steel posts provide a very smooth clean vertical line to your fence giving it an upscale look versus traditional Slotted or Mortise Concrete Posts and a very different look in comparison to Timber Posts.

Another big advantage of this system is low maintenance. Besides ordering a matching touch up Paint Pen just in case you scratch your Posts, Capping Rail, or Post Caps, you won’t be doing any maintenance on these posts: no staining or painting every few years and no worrying about the damage caused by rot. The Gravel Boards are also made form a composite material, similar to modern decking, so no maintenance required there either.

Fence Post Longevity Comparison

  1. Concrete Posts +25 years
  2. Jacksons Fencing Timber Posts 25 Years
  3. Durapost Powder Coated, Galvanised Steel Posts 25 Years
  4. Other Timber Posts 7-15 Years (depending on pressure treating)

In terms of longevity, Concrete Posts will indeed last +25 years provided they do not get any large chips which expose the interior reinforcing steel which will then start to rust once exposed. Timber Posts have various lifespans depending on how they have been pressure treated. Jacksons Fencing Timber Slotted Fence Posts have a 25 year guarantee while most other Fence Posts vary between 7 to 15 years. Durapost have a 25 year guarantee on their Powder Coated posts if installed by a Trained Installer.

These Fence Posts come in multiple colours currently including:

  1. Anthracite
  2. Olive Grey
  3. Sepia Brown
  4. Galvanised Steel

Durapost have colour matching Capping Rails, Post Caps, composite Gravel Boards, and larger Gate Posts and U Channels to create your perfect Fence and Gate combination.

Birkdale Sales, the makers of Durapost, have just announced a new addition to the accessories and options which is a Post Cover Strip. This is designed to slide down and cover the side of the post which would have the visible screws connecting the post to the Fence Timber.

We have been using Birkdale Sales other products such as Gate Hinges, Latches and Locks for years with very positive feedback from our clients. We were very pleased to see this new addition to their range and if you are planning a new fence install you should definitely take a look. To send us an enquiry on your project go to Contact Us to book an appointment.

For more information or to take a closer look at Durapost Products and Accessories visit:  https://www.birkdalesales.com/durapost

Oilcanfinish Landscaping are based in Kingston Upon Thames. If you are not in Oilcanfinish Landscaping’s immediate region to get an Durapost installation quote from us, use the handy Durapost Find an Installer Tool on the website to find a local installer and also to find a local Stockist to take a closer look. All Installers listed have gone through the Durapost Trained Installer program. 

If you have your dimensions already you can plan your fence using the Durapost Fencebuilder Mobile Application or via their Website.