Exterior Timber Refinishing Project in Kingston Upon Thames

This beautiful house had an extension added which was clad with larch cladding and hardwood bifold doors and a hardwood window. The hardwood doors and window, and the softwood larch cladding had been allowed to go untreated for several years, possibly even decades as the new owners did not have a treatment timeline. The result was that the larch timber cladding had almost entirely turned silver, the treatment on the doors had faded, and the treatment on the window had started to flake. All of the timber was as dry as a bone. We implemented an extensive exterior timber refinishing process which resulted in the cladding and hardwood looking as it did when originally installed.

Timber Refinishing Preparation: Cleaning & Sanding

The first step was extensive cleaning. For this we used Owatrol NetTrol which brings wood back to its original colour and removed the silver layer. It also gets rid of all grease, oil, and previous treatments and provide the ideal base to start from. 

We diluted the NetTrol to a 4:1 NexTrol: Clean Water mix for the first application and 3:1 for the second application. We then did a few spots which had been heavily stained by algae and fungus with a further mix at a 2:1 ratio. 

All NetTrol was applied with a wide scrub brush, slightly wider than each piece of cladding to ensure the entire surface was covered.

We see a lot of companies and home owners rushing to use the pressure washer which we highly recommend against. Pressure washing permanently damages the fibres of the wood. If you insist on using one, it must be with a fan attachment and the tip must be kept a minimum of 60cm/2ft from the timber at all times. This means controlling and reducing the pressure on the wood. 

Water hoses are for rinsing, brushes are for scrubbing. Dont fancy scrubbing, use Net Trol and let it do the work. Scrub in, wait 20 minutes, rinse off. Repeat one more time, and you are done.

The windows and doors had been previously treated with some form of solid coloured oil, which in our view was unneccesary as there is no reason to hide this beautiful wood grain. To get rid of this layer required extensive sanding and cleaning.

We also found a few spots on the cladding which required spot sanding.

Timber Refinishing: Oiling 

Once all of this was completed, approximately 3.5 days of cleaning and sanding in total, we did one last clean and commenced oiling with Owatrol TexTrol Clear. We did not see a reason to add colour to this timber beyond what it has naturally. We did 2 coats of TexTrol on the doors and windows, applied with a cloth due to the smooth surface. For the cladding we applied 3 coats with a brush. The 3 coats for the softwood Larch cladding was due to its dryness.

Timber Refinishing Product Details and Project Timescales

TexTrol is touch dry in about 4 hours. The oiling took about 1.5 days in total. In total the work took 5 days for 1 person. We used 4 lt of Textrol and 2.5 lt of NetTrol. The total surface area we treated was approximately 12 SqM, however working around the door trims and corners and window adds sanding time which can’t accurately be measured in SqM.

Textrol adds UV inhibitors which protect the wood from discolouration. We have had wonderful results with their Textrol HES products (softwoods only) so using their products again here was an easy decision for us. We do have to mention there are other wonderful products out there, but it is rare to find a matching set of Cleaner/Wood Restorer and a corresponding Finishing Oil to go with it from the same manufacturer.

The best part is the next time this needs to be done, provided you dont wait too long, it will be a two day job including cleaning and prep.

Email us at enquiry@oilcanfinish.com or visit our Contact Page if you are looking to return your exterior timber cladding or garden furniture to its former glory. Provided your timber is made of quality softwood such as Siberian Larch or Canadian Western Red Cedar, or is a Hardwood, it can be brought back to its original colour with a bit of refinishing experience, the correct products, and some elbow grease.

Looking for more information on Owatrol, visit their website at https://owatrol-international.com/en/