Fence and Gate Repairs

Repair over Replace

We are a local business who specialize in fence repairs, gate repairs, installing new fences, and designing and building wooden fence panels, slat screen fencing, and trellis sections.

We install and repair Tafs fencing, Grange fencing, Jackson’s Fencing as well as our own custom slat screen fencing and featheredge fencing with Arris Rails.

Commonly requested Fence Repairs

We are commonly asked to repair fences which have been damaged by strong winds, wood rot, or extensive plant growth, including:

  • Broken Concrete Posts Replaced
  • Rotten or Broken Timber Posts Replaced
  • Broken Timber Posts Reinforced with Concrete Repair Spurs
  • Replace sagging or broken horizontal arris rails on Featheredge Fencing
  • Reinforce rotten or broken arris rails where they meet the fence posts
  • Replacing rotten and damaged gravel boards
  • Trimming fence panels to size and fitting them
  • Fixing new boards to replace damaged ones
  • Repairing hinges and bolts on garden gates
  • Repairing rotten gates
    Building and installing custom slatted screen panels
  • Add Trellis sections to the tops of your existing fence
  • Repairs of other wooden structures around your house
  • Sanding, repairing and refinishing garden furniture

Exterior Staining and Painting

All Exterior Timber and Steel fences, gates, sheds, and furniture can be Sealed, Stained, or Painted to achieve your desired look. Staining and Painting not only enhances the appearance of your fence, it also protects your fence and extend the life of your investment. Staining with an exterior grade UV resistant stain will protect your fence preventing water damage and discoloration.

How to Book your fence repairs

Most Fence repairs can be done fairly quickly. Please get in touch to arrange an inspection and assessment of the repairs needed to receive your quote. 

Email us at enquiry@oilcanfinish.com                        Call us on 07919344450

What is included?

Your quote will include all materials, delivery, installation labour, all taxes and fees, and removal of waste. Your work is guaranteed and will be carried out by full time employees of Oilcanfinish who are DBS Checked and Insured. We do not outsource our work and we do not subcontract fence and timber repairs.