Jacksons Fencing Horizontal Hit And Miss Fence Panels

Our handcrafted Hit and Miss fencing panels are so called because the pales or boards are alternately fixed on the front and the back of the panel with an over-lap to create a stylish Hit and Miss pattern.

Description from Manufacturer

They are part of our premium ‘good both sides’ range, as both sides are the same, so you and your neighbour have the best looking side of the fence.

They are built using planed boards so the finish is smooth and gives a high quality feel.Horizontal Hit and Miss panel boards run horizontally rather than our alternative Vertical Hit & Miss. This variation obviously still allows the wind to pass through the panel, but gives a different appearance.

  • All timber used throughout is superior quality Jakcure® treated softwood guaranteed for 25 years
  • Designed for use with slotted Jakposts and steel Mi-T Posts
  • Stainless steel fixings are used throughout for longer life
  • High quality planed finish
  • Each board runs horizontally
  • Distinctive design which looks good from both sides of the panel
  • Beneficial in high wind areas
  • Matching Horizontal Hit and Miss gates available
  • Hit and Miss panels work well with Trellis
  • Please note: capping not included as standard