Patios and Paving

design and install contemporary porcelain paving patios

Oilcanfinish plan, design and install modern porcelain paving, natural stone paving, and paths. Link your inside and outside living together with maintenance free porcelain paving.

Most of our work involves completely transforming gardens for young families, often after a kitchen extension. An important part of this is providing an area for drinks and dining in the evenings which meets the following criteria: 

    1. easy to clean
    2. does not require sealing maintenance
    3. will not fade
    4. has no sharp edges
    5. is not slippery

Porcelain paving is the ideal solution.

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design and install porcelain patios

Pavestone Porcelain Paving

Oilcanfinish Landscaping Pavestone Porcelain Stepping Stones and Cotswold Chippings


Benefits of Porcelain Patio Paving

Porcelain paving will not fade or lose it’s colour.

Will not deteriorate in extreme weather conditions such as freezing and thawing.

Porcelain is not porous which prevents moss and algae from establishing itself as it can on a porous surface like natural stone.

Porcelain paving is easy to clean.

Modern Light Grey Indian Sandstone Garden Path with Buff Resin Pointing

Black Limestone Patio Paving with Black Pointing


Sandstone & Limestone Paving

Sandstone and Limestone are very attractive natural stones which is extremely strong and durable. They come in Black, Blues, Greys, and Golden colours.

Limestone colours will soften with time, however it can be sealed to prevent colour alternations from UV light, for example to keep black stones looking black versus fading slightly to grey.

Sandstone and Limestone, like most natural stones, are porous and are therefore more susceptible to staining compared to porcelain. If sealed, they are less susceptible to to staining.

Azpects Easy Jointing Compound in Mushroom

Azpects Easy Jointing Compound in Jet Black

Pavestone Pointfix Buff Jointing Epoxy Compound


Patio Grouting and Pointing

For the perfect finish, we recommend Jointing Compounds or exterior Grouting. 

Jointing Compounds are easy to install and repair and will not stain your new patio.

They are available in a variety of colours to suit your style.

Who makes porcelain paving?

There are numerous brands names of porcelain paving. some of whom refer to it as vitrified paving. The majority of Porcelain paving sold in the UK is made in Italy and is of a very high standard. Please click here to visit the Porcelain Manufacturer we use most often.

Visit the Pavestone UK website for Porcelain Paving