design and install luxury timber and composite decking

Oilcanfinish design and install luxury timber and composite decking. Western Red Cedar, Iro Board, treated timber, and maintenance free composite decking are all options for your new deck area.

Decks add additional living space to gardens with reduced garden maintenance. 

Canadian Western Red Cedar Decking

Canadian Western Red Cedar Decking

Western Red Cedar is a luxury timber decking which is grown in the west coast of Canada. Cedar is a softwood with extremely resilient natural properties which protect it from wood boring insects, rot, moisture damage, and decay. Cedar decking boards have a slight variation of colour across the deck providing a more natural appearance.

Iro Timber Decking

Iro Timber Board is a kiln dried and heat treated, coloured timber decking option with UV stable and 100% HVOC-free, meaning the product is both child-friendly and pet-friendly. This is a luxury timber decking which requires little maintenance. It is manufactured in the UK. For more detailed information and to review colours please visit Iro Timber here.
Composite Decking

Composite Decking

Maintenance free Composite Decking can be installed and is available in a variety of colour options. These decks have an extensive service life well beyond timber and require no maintenance. Composite decking will not rot and is not affected by moisture or wood boring insects providing a lasting option for your garden.

Smooth Timber Decking Installed Kingston Upon Thames KT1 Oilcanfinish Landscaping

Pressure Treated Timber Decking

Pressure treated timber deck boards are the most inexpensive option. They also offer the widest variance of colour and finish options as they can be Sealed, Stained, or Painted to enhance the decking longevity and protect your investment.

Deck Frames

Our deck support frames are made using 2×6 pressure treated class 4 timber joists or alternately we can provide composite deck joists which are maintenance free and do not deteriorate or rot. Your deck support frame can be mounted on timber posts, concrete deck posts, or concrete deck blocks. The advantage of concrete posts or blocks is that they do not rot or deteriorate from moisture or wood boring insects.

Start your design and installation of your luxury timber or composite decking with a site visit where we will discuss your plans with you, take measurements and provide you with your free quote. Your free quotation is valid for 14 days while you decide how you want to proceed.