Lawn Turf

Fresh Lawn Turf Laying and Rotivation

Laying new lawn turf transforms a garden and enhances your property value. Oilcanfinish can prepare your existing garden surface and install your new lawn.

Preparation is key for turfing or seeding. Your garden transformation plans may include lawn turf or artificial turf, however the existing surface will need to be cleared of existing concrete, paths, patios, decking, old grass, trees and roots, and levelled prior to laying turf. It will also include:

If you are choosing turf:

    • laying topsoil
    • using pre turf fertiliser
    • laying your new lawn turf 

Laying new lawn greatly enhances your property and will transform your garden. Our sturdy natural turf beds itself in quickly so you can enjoy your lawn looking perfect weeks after the installation.

Please note we do not install artificial turf due to its long term negative impact on soil composition, the environment, and the potential for flooding. 

Schedule a meeting for a site visit where our turfing contractor will visit, discuss your plans with you, take measurements and provide you with your free quote. Your free quotation is valid for 14 days while you decide how you want to proceed