Oilcanfinish Landscaping are your local landscaper in Kingston Upon Thames. The majority of our clients are young families with small children. They have several things in common, young children who are the centre of their universe, very heavy time committments predominantly through work, and a desire to have an enjoyable, safe outdoor space which meets their maintenance requirements.

When we talk about maintenance abilities we mean how much time do the clients have to spend on mowing the lawn. Do they want a gravel area where pots can be spaced out to reduce the amount of weeding to be done or do they want raised beds which they can maintain themselves and show their children how to grow and maintain plants, or grow fruit and veggies.

For safety we plan our gardens to have rounded edges on the paving, safety ballustrades and handrails by elevation changes, and smooth planed and sanded timber wherever little hands may wander. We plan our elevation changes, steps, and walling to have lower levels or wider steps which children can sit on.


Full Garden Transformations

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Luxury Garden Transformation in Kingston Upon Thames

Luxurious garden landscaping adds significant value to your life in terms of enhanced living and working areas, increasing your usable space, physical and mental wellbeing, and of course resale value.

Our service starts with a meeting to discuss your plans, goals, and to review the work area and take measurements.  If you are looking at transforming your garden, replacing you existing patio, deck, or fencing, please get in touch to arrange our first meeting.

On this website is a sample of some of our most often requested garden landscaping services. We design and install bespoke Summerhouses and Garden Offices, install Turf, build Raised Timber and Brick Planter Beds, Exterior Painting and Staining.
For Paving we install Porcelain and Natural Stone paving including vertical porcelain walling.