About Us

Oilcanfinish Outdoor Living is an independently owned local carpentry business specialising in luxury decking and fencing installation in Surrey.

When setting up our business we found there was very little in terms of written guarantees and warrantees for homeowners for the majority of garden works being carried out. To address this, we have carefully selected manufacturers and suppliers who do offer homeowners written guarantees for their materials.

We also found that despite there being significant changes in technology over the years, specifically regarding timber treatment procedures, the rise of composite materials, and published research on metal performance in exterior environments, the majority of decking and fencing installations we were seeing (and removing) did not make use of this research and technology.

When installing, we follow manufacturers guidelines. Our team do attend manufacturers training sessions and we work hard to maintain our Approved Installer standing with Jacksons Fencing, Trex Decking, and Millboard.

We often receive requests to build a budget deck or install a standard fence, however we are very strict in our product quality control for Fencing and Decking installations. This is why you will find quality brand names like Spax, Trex, and Jacksons Fencing throughout our quotes as well as terms like Use Class 4 timber, Stainless Steel, and Galvanised in our itemised quotes. Materials do matter, and we take this part of our job very seriously as it is a specific point of differentiation between us and other installers.

Our entry level products for both fencing and decking come from Jacksons Fencing and have a 25 Year Guarantee. It is a small additional cost in materials compared to budget products, but the peace of mind knowing quality materials have been installed correctly.

For fencing, our installations are focussed on the long term. The next price level up from Jacksons Fencing Featheredge Panels, our entry level price bracket, opens up the entire Jacksons Fencing range for fence panels, acoustic fencing, and featheredge fencing. Factor in the cost of a almost any other fence needing to be installed twice to last as long as Jacksons Fencing, and that is twice the labour, twice the waste removal, twice the disruption, and 25 years of looking at an average looking product in your garden.

For decking, the next level up leads the homeowner into Jacksons Fencing Heavy Duty decking, Trex Enhance Basics and Enhance Naturals ranges. Our premium decking products include all hardwood decking options such as Yellow Balau and IPE, Trex Transcend composite decking, Timbertech composite decking, and Millboard wood-free decking.