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Bespoke Carpentry by Oilcanfinish is the design and installation of carpentry solutions individual to your specific requirements. This leads to a finished product which is unique to each customer. From the initial planning stage, to material recommendations and selections, to installation and maintenance you will have something made with care, specifically for you. The majority of our projects have been Garden Buildings, such as Summerhouses, and Garden structures such as Pergolas and Gazebos.

The biggest advantage of bespoke is you get the perfect fit to your plans and the specific space you have to work with. Personalised designs require extensive discussion throughout the entire process. Start the discussion today by emailing us to schedule in your initial consultation.

  • Glass Ballustrade Decking Installation in Kingston Upon Thames KT2
    This project started with a new homeowner wanting to extend their decking in their rear garden. Although the decking boards themselves were Yellow Balau Hardwood, the frame was in need of some repairs and the staircase was simply unsafe. The project concluded with the client selecting this specific Glass Ballustrade Decking installation in Kingston Upon … Read more
  • Exterior Timber Refinishing Project in Kingston Upon Thames
    This beautiful house had an extension added which was clad with larch cladding and hardwood bifold doors and a hardwood window. The hardwood doors and window, and the softwood larch cladding had been allowed to go untreated for several years, possibly even decades as the new owners did not have a treatment timeline. The result … Read more
  • Garden Building Fire Safety and Cladding Fire Ratings
    Choose your Garden Building cladding very carefully. It is tempting to select something just for its wonderful appearance, however the cladding selection greatly impacts the fire safety of the building. In this article we will provide an outline of what to look for when selecting your cladding for your Garden Building. British Standard 476: Fire … Read more
  • How to choose the correct screws for decking and outdoor projects
    What the homeowner wants to see is a perfect installation, not rust lines and stains formed shortly after installation. How to choose the correct screws for decking and oiutdoor projects is crucial planning information to ensure your project doesnt suffer from damage to wood and steel, Rust dripping onto paving resulting in staining, and fixing … Read more
  • Timbabuild Epoxy Wood Repair System
    We are pleased to confirm Oilcanfinish are Trained Contractors for the Timbabuild Epoxy Wood Repair System. This is a repair treatment specifically designed for rotten, cracked, or broken wood which provides a lasting repair which will not crack or flake.It is of particular benefit to damaged wood windows, wood doors, and wooden door frames. For … Read more