Jacksons Fencing Flat Top Tongue And Groove Fence Panels

These luxury flat top fence panels are available in a variety of sizes. Constructed using Tongue and Groove effect style boards, these panels are manufactured to 1.83m wide and 51mm thick as standard. The design originates from the Victorian era, and allows two flat pieces of timber to be joined together for general building purposes; today, Tongue and Groove style is most often used to achieve a traditional wooden panelled effect within the confines of people’s homes to provide a premium finish.

Our Tongue and Groove effect panels are made using our trademark Jakcure® softwood timber, guaranteed for 25 years and featuring a mortice and tenon jointed frame for extra strength. Built using stainless steel fixings for longer life, the centre of the panel is given additional support with a single or double 70mm wide cant rail dependent upon the height of the fence, with a bevel to allow rain to drain away easily.

These premium solid panels are designed for privacy, and provide a contemporary style for a variety of different shapes and sizes of garden.