Jacksons Fencing Interwoven Aran Fence Panels

The Aran panel is one of our latest ‘good both sides’ designs and features slats of different depths, intertwined to create a unique and attractive traditional style. Inspired by traditional woven or interwoven fencing, this design incorporates different sized pales to offer a distinct pattern.

This interwoven fence design not only creates subtle light and shade effects in your garden but also means that both you and your neighbour benefit from the best looking side of the fence with almost as much privacy as you would expect from a solid fence panel.

As with all Jacksons’ fence panels, Aran is crafted from Jakcure® pressure treated softwood and framed for use with slotted Jakposts®, making them far stronger than old fashioned versions of this type of fence panel often seen in the countryside.

Please note that you will still be able to view through the panel at certain angles.

  • All timber used throughout is superior quality Jakcure® treated softwood which we guarantee for 25 years
  • Designed for use with slotted Jakposts
  • Stainless steel fixings used throughout
  • All timber is planed all round