Jacksons Fencing Hit & Miss Gate

Jacksons Fencing Hit & Miss Gate Oilcanfinish Landscaping

The Horizontal Hit and Miss Gate is so called because the pales or boards are alternately fixed on the front and the back of the gate, these boards over-lap in a horizontal direction and create a unique hit and miss pattern. The standard gate is 1.75m x 1m wide and is morticed and tenoned for … Read more

Jacksons Fencing Shadowline Fencing Panels

Built with architectural cladding in mind, our Shadowline Panel has a modern unique profile which provides a dynamic central shadow gap between each board, free of any visible fixings, to provide a seamless contemporary finish.

Jacksons Fencing Urban Gate

luxury garden transformations kingston upon thames

Designed to match our Urban panel the Urban garden gates offers a sleek slatted design. Combining wide and narrow timber pales, the Urban garden gate is a contemporary gate with a distinctive design, ideal for a variety of applications. Mortice and tennoned for extra strength, these panels are planed all round for a smooth finish, … Read more

Jacksons Fencing Venetian Fence Panels

Our handcrafted Venetian style fence panels are available in a variety of sizes. Constructed using planed slats for a premium finish, this contemporary style of fencing is one of our most popular designs. These remarkably simple but modern panels are built within a framed system to help perfectly align each individual horizontal pale to allow light through.

Jacksons Fencing Venetian Hit And Miss Fence Panels

A variation on the Venetian fence panel theme, and just like that style panel; our Venetian Hit and Miss looks contemporary and sleek, complementing the suburban garden as well as more traditional style gardens beautifully – and there the resemblance ends – in the battle for more light, versus less privacy, the Venetian Hit and Miss panel wins on both counts.

Jacksons Fencing Venetian Metro Fence Panels

One of our newest additions Metro was designed to make gardens feel longer – a modern take on our Venetian panels, posts are installed behind panels to create a continuous look, offering a sleek, slatted fence that is less imposing than a solid design.

Jacksons Fencing Wooden Venetian Gate

Jacksons Fencing Venetian Gate Oilcanfinish Landscaping

A stylish and attractive garden gate that allows for light to filter through, helping to create a light and airy space. The Venetian garden gate since its launch has been used in preference by garden designers looking to create modern / contemporary gardens in residential environments. All garden gate timber is superior quality Jakcure® softwood … Read more