Hourly Rates

apply for all All Non-contracted Property Maintenance and Handyman Work as follows:

£40.00 – 1st Hour
£25.00 – Each Additional Hour

Prices are for Labour only and include all Taxes
Prices exclude Hire Items, Waste Removal, and Materials

Landscaping/Multi-Day/Contracted Work

Landscaping Work or Multi-day work is Quoted individually and Contracted in advance via Agreement Forms are Counter Signed prior to work commencing.


Payment is due on the day work is carried out, prior to our departure from your property, and can be paid via Cash, UK Debit Cards, Visa Electron, Visa, Mastercard, American Express.

Payment Receipts will be issued via email.

We do not provide credit. Late Payments incur 8.75% Interest.

Pricing Exclusions

Hourly Rates exclude all Materials and Hire Items.

All prices exclude Waste Removal, unless specified in writing in advance.

Parking charges will apply if no free parking is available onsite.

London Congestion Charge and T-Charge are excluded from all Quotes and will be charged additionally for addresses within the Congestion and T-Charge zones


Deposits are required for Contracted Work. Deposits must be received prior to commencement of works, Balance Payment Due on Work Completion Date.

All rates quoted are valid for 14 days from date of Quote.

Work Completion dates are an estimate and may be subject to delays beyond our control including, but not limited to, Weather Conditions, Supplier Inventory, Access to Site, Personal Injury, or Emergencies.

Work Site Access

Providing Access to the Work Site is the responsibility of the client. If, on arrival at the work site on the agreed date and time, access is not provided, a minimum charge of 2 Hours Labour at our Published Pricing will apply and the work will need to be rescheduled.