Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance and Handyman services

Repair wood windows or doors

Wood rot is not a great look on doors or windows. Fortunately it can be repaired and the timber repainted for a smooth finish.

Timbabuild Repairs

Oilcanfinish are Certified Timbabuild Epoxy Wood Repair System installers. We will repair the wood and paint in the colour of your choice.
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Laminate Flooring

Would you like an easy to clean floor? Do you have too many allergens from your carpets?

Book us in to have your Laminate Flooring installed professionally.

Repair a broken fence or gate

Fence posts looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Fence Panels broken? Has wood rot damaged your fence?

Fence Repairs

We will repair the damaged sections, replace the broken pieces, or reinforce the posts with secure Concrete Repair Spurs and to avoid having to replace the entire fence.
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Gutters and drain pipe repairs

Gutters filled with leaves and not working correctly? Drain pipe come away from the house?

Book us in to have your gutters cleaned and reattached securely to your walls.

Wall Mounting

Just bought a new Flat Screen New TV? Have some picture frames or mirrors to hang on the walls? New security cameras to install outside?

Wall Mounting Installations

We use heavy duty wall fixings and precise laser levels, ensure your install location is a safe zone for drilling avoiding electrical cables and pipes, to ensure a safe install.
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Furniture Assembly

Have you just purchased furniture and don't have time or the tools to assemble it? From coffee tables to wardrobes to storage beds, we are assembling them every week.

Book us in to assemble your furniture.

Door and window locks

Need your door or window locks replaced? New door handles to be installed? Windows not closing correctly?

Door and Window Repairs

We will replace your door and window hinges, locks, and door handles so everything is closing smoothly. We can also trim existing timber doors or install new doors as needed.
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Painting and Interior Wall Repairs

Cracked and damaged walls or holes from old wall fixings? Skirting boards yellowing and covered in marks? Did your children decide to write all over your walls?

Book us in to repair your walls and repaint your rooms.

Property Maintenance and Handyman

We have the most frequently requested repairs listed on this page however we do a lot more.

Pricing and Booking information.

Property Maintenance and Handyman

We charge Hourly Rates for this service at £40.00 for the first hour and £25.00 for each additional hour.
These prices include all taxes.

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