Yellow Balau Hardwood Decking Project in Worcester Park

We had already installed Jacksons Fencing Venetian Hit and Miss Fencing for our clients and they had a rotted softwood deck which was dangerous. They had a lower level slate patio at the end of the decking so a straightforward decking replacement with some serious upgrades were in order. Hardwood Deck Builder’s do not install the same way Softwood is installed. More care and detail is required to make the most of your investment in quality decking,

The clients decided on a double picture frame layout with one wide step across the entire width.

Designing Deck Frames to avoid Wood Rot

The frame was build with Use Class 4 treated softwood timber, with Walther Strong Decking Tape to protext the top of the timber. The decking tape resolves a typical weakpoint on softwood decking frames. Water drips down from the decking and sits in the shade, on the joists between the decking boards. This moisture build up in a shaded area leads to moss and algea growth and is the first point of deterioration on a deck frame. So we taped it, so the water sits on the decking tape, then evaporates naturally without sitting on the timber at all. The tape is designed to seal around the screws to prevent moisture getting in through those holes.

The bearers under the timber frame was a combination of aluminium and composite bearers and posts. There is no wood in contact with the ground as this is another weak point in the majority of decking installations. The wood in contact with the ground gets dirty and wet. This leads to wood rot which travels upo the supports to the decking itself.. Without any wood in contact with the ground this does not occur.

For screws we used Stainless Steel decking screws, all with a corresponding pilot hole drilled to avoid the wood splitting or cracking.

Quality Garden Decking lasts longer and looks superior

Whereas budget garden decking lasts a very short amount of time and looks inferior. Unlodess you have firm plans to replace the decking area in the next 10 years, choose your materials carefully and remember replacing the decking twice over 20 years means paying for waste removal twice and installation twice as well as the material cost.

In the end, this decking frame will last 25 Years without maintenance. The Yellow Balau Decking Boards will last in excess of 40 years provided they are oiled to prevent the wood cracking. Yellow Balau is naturally resistant to wood rot and wood boring insects, as are most hardwoods, so that will not be an issue.

The investment in quality materials and planning is a larger upfront cost, however almost any softwood decking would need to be replaced 2-3 times to last as long, and no softwood decking will ever look as good as this does.

Yellow Balau Decking from Champion Timber

Decking Frame Composite and Aluminium Bearers from Millboard