It doesn’t feel natural opening a door and immediately walking down steps or a staircase.

Why choose decking over paving?

There are numerous scenarios where Decking provides the ideal solution to a garden. The most significant one is elevation changes. Elevation changes between the back of a house or building and down to the garden presents some challenges. 

Very uneven areas of a garden present their own obstacles as well, creating unusable space. Raising the garden area up to the doors required huge amounts of backfill if paving the area. 

In these situations Decking is the ideal solution. It brings two uneven areas to a level that feels comfortable. This is especially key where children and their grandparents are all using the area. Stepping outside onto a decked area solves the issue of comfort.

The next question is how to keep the area clean. We often get asked what decks have the best slip resistance, and our answer is always the same: the cleanest decks have the highest slip resistance. So the question really is, what decks are the easiest to keep clean?

Composite Decking or Wood Free Decking are certainly the easiest to keep clean. If there is a lot of debris dropping from trees nearby, then a broom or an electric blower works wonders clearing up dropped needles and leaves. Then once the debris is clear, a sponge mop and warm soapy water is enough to clean a new composite decking area. No pressure washing or heavy chemicals are needed. Provided you clean the deck once in a while, and you have chosen a trusted decking manufacturer for your decking, you will have a slip resistant deck.

Warranties and Guarantees?

Most decking manufacturers provide a guarantee for their decking. These generally cover the structural strength of the decking, specifically that the decking boards will not break. Some manufacturers also provide Fade guarantees that their decking will retain it’s colour for a certain amount of time in years. Faded composite decking can not be repaired to get the colour back. Once it has faded, it will remain that way. All of these guarantees are based on the assumption that the decking has been installed according to the manufacturers strict guidelines. If the decking has not been installed according to the manufacturers guidelines, warranties will not be honoured. Always ensure you have an accredited installer carry out your work, almost all manufacturers have an Approved Installer or Trained Installer program.

Oilcanfinish Outdoor Living currently recommends and installs 3 manufacturers of decking. This is based on extensive research on the manufacturers and their products, feedback from clients, feedback from other installers, our experience installing various decking projects, and research on failed decking projects where the customers have been let down and lost their decking investment prematurely.

If you are looking for a more natural product, Hardwood decking such as IPE or Yellow Balau are incredible materials to have in your garden project. Tropical Hardwood decking can last in excess of 40 years with the appropriate maintenance schedule.

If the budget doesn’t permit luxury Hardwood Decking or Premium Composite Decking, consider Trex Basics or Trex Enhance Naturals as the perfect solutions for Composite Decking from a trusted manufacturer, with a 25 year guarantee, at an extry-level price.

Please click through to take a look at some of our projects and get in touch to start the conversation with us. We will walk through the various advantages and strengths of each product, all decking frame options such as Timber, Composite, or Aluminium Decking frames, any Bearer systems you may need.

Low Maintenance Composite Decking and Wood Free Decking is available in a variety of colour options. These decks have an extensive service life well beyond softwood timber and require very little maintenance. Composite decking will not rot or crack and is not affected by moisture or wood boring insects providing a lasting option for your garden.

Our first choice for softwood decking is Jacksons Fencing Heavy Duty Decking boards. These come with a 25 year guarantee as well as a softwood price. If you do not need your decking to last 25 years, or would prefer a smooth finish vs ribbed, we would recommend Pressure Treated Redwood Decking. The next upgrade levels from these for softwoods would be Siberian Larch which has natural resistances to Fungus and Insect Attack in a similar way Cedar does, and of course Canadian Western Red Cedar Decking. If considering softwood decking, please bear in mind it may require more maintenance than other timber decking options.

Decking Builder Pricing

When planning your project, you will find Deck Builder pricing varies greatly which is primarily down to decking boards, frame, and the experience of the decking installers you are using. A significant part of Deck Builder pricing is the Deck Framing and the detail finishing you want. The Deck Framing is very important as you do not want your decking boards to outlast your frame. Read up on our Deck Framing options and email us or schedule a visit to discuss these options in more detail.

All of our decking quotes are fully itemised down to the last box of screws so you know exactly what materials are going under your new garden decking.

Decking Planning Permission

Putting up decking, or other raised platforms, in your garden is permitted development, not needing an application for planning permission, providing:

  • The decking is no more than 30cm above the ground
  • Together with other extensions, outbuildings etc, the decking or platforms cover no more than 50 per cent of the garden area.
  • None of the decking or platform is on land forward of a wall forming the principal elevation.

In certain areas, additional limitations apply:

  • In National Parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites the maximum area to be covered more than 20 metres from the house is limited to 10 square metres.
  • On Article 2(3) designated land* no decking or platform is permitted either side of the house.
  • Within the curtilage of a listed building, no decking or platform is permitted.

If the decking forms part of a larger piece of work (e.g. an extension with additional decking), then there may be different/further rules which apply to the entire development. These could mean planning permission or prior approval is required.

Please note: The permitted development allowances described here apply to houses and not to:

  • Flats and maisonettes (view our guidance on flats and maisonettes
  • Converted houses or houses created through the ‘permitted development’ rights for:
  • Other buildings
  • Areas where there may be a planning condition, Article 4 Direction or other restriction that limits permitted development rights.

Full details can be found by clicking here: Planning Portal

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