Wraparound Trex Composite Decking Project in Arundel

This large project included 185 square metres of Trex Composite Decking, 85 linear metres of Ballustrades, over 100 lights, 3 staircases, and 2 Ramps and wrapped the deck all the way around this beautiful home in the Arundel countryside.

We combined the attractive pricing of Trex Enhance Basics Decking for the main deck colour with the hidden installation option of Starborn Pro Plugs and Trex Transcend Decking for the exterior borders to create a large deck that fits into its surroundings, with clearly defined borders and step elevation changes.

The steps are all highlighted with Trex Transcend Lava Rock (dark brown) which increases the visibility of the elevation changes with the Trex Enhance Basics Decking in Saddle (lighter brown).

To give the deck a natural countryside finish we installed Jacksons Fencing Timber Ballustrades using their Planed Smooth Jacksons Posts and Capping Rails for a smooth natural looking finish that combines both a traditional look with modern touches.

With a large deck like this, ensuring the design leaves the owner with an easy to clean surface was a key feature. The decking boards are perpindicular to the house meaning using a garden hose to spray down from the deck, or a blower to remove leaves, from the house outwards to the outer edge. The Ballustrade is approximately 3cm above the decking boards and this slight gap between the vertical Ballustrade Slats and this allows debris to be cleared off the deck easily from maximise the low maintenance nature of this large deck.

The lighting runs around the perimitre of the deck highlighting the boundary to increase visibility in the evening of the edges and the elevation changes on the 3 staircase steps.

The entire Decking frame is built with Use Class 4 Timber set on Supreme Concrete Dekposts, which are rot free ensuring the decking frame, with no timber in contact with the ground, lasts as long as it should. The frame has no bolts connected to the house, instead having a small 5mm gap between the frame and the house allowing rain water to run freely down the walls of the house and to the ground surface to ensure excess water does not rot out the timber frame nearest to the house, which is a common point of failure for most decks we remove.

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