Oilcanfinish Landscaping

luxury garden transformations

Luxurious garden transformations add significant value to your life in terms of enhanced living and working areas, increasing your usable space, physical and mental wellbeing, and of course resale value.

Our service starts with a meeting to discuss your plans, goals, and to review the work area and take measurements.  If you are looking at transforming your garden, repairing you existing patio, deck, or fencing, or setting up a maintenance schedule for your property, please visit out contact us section and get in touch to arrange our first meeting.

Below is a sample of some of our most often requested garden landscaping and maintenance services. We also design and install Summerhouses and Garden Offices, install Turf and Artificial Turf, repair Patio Furniture, build Raised Sleeper Planter Beds , Brick Planter Beds, Exterior Painting and Staining, and Exterior Timber Repairs using the Timbabuild Epoxy Wood Repair System