Millboard Terrace Decking in Wimbledon SW20

This is a larger project where we have been contracted to remove the existing decking and frame completely, and build Millboard balcony decking including new footings, posts, bearers, frame as well as installing the Millboard Decking, Frameless Glass Ballustrades, and Staircase to the Garden. The project is in Wimbledon SW20.

Phase 2, Day 10 | Millboard Decking Installation & Picture Frame

Phase 2, Day 5 | Framing

Phase 2, Day 3 | Decking Wall Plates

The run of very good weather is permitting some very strong daily progress on this project.

Phase 2, Day 2 | 15 Aug 2023 | Decking Frame Posts and Bearers

Phase 2, Day 1 | 14 Aug 2023 | Deck Frame Posts and Bearers

Phase 1 Update | Footings

Phase 1 included removal of the old decking, clearing the area, digging our new concrete footings and pouring them.

We did see something rare when removing this deck. 9 of the Joists actually ran inside the back wall of the house and were sitting on/within the wall using the brickwork as supports. So this required some careful removal followed by repairs to the holes they left behind once removed.

Phase 1 Start

This is the original deck we are replacing. It is an unusual layout and as their are now 2 sets of doors leading to it, versus the original single set of doors, the old layout doesn’t work anymore. That and wood rot are the reason we are here.