Millboard Enhanced Grain Coppered Oak Decking Project Wimbledon SW19

The client brief was to change their patio to something more usable. It was highly unlevel sloping significantly away from the house down to the lawn area. It was laid with paving slabs which were sitting on several different layers of concrete with some very old brick paving 20cm below the existing slabs.

Oilcanfinish Outdoor Living are a Millboard Approved Installer in Wimbledon SW19

The client decided on a split level deck which would extend from one fence to the other with a single step down from the kitchen to allow the side access lane to be level with the deck making moving Bikes into and out of the garden step-free.

The main deck is Millboard Enhanced Grain in Coppered Oak. We used Millboard Bullnose Boards to offer a very attractive edging solution for this split level deck and steps with it’s rounded finish profile. We also used the new Millboard Enhanced Grain SB Boards for the picture frames. This allowed us to project the Bullnose Board over the elevation change and narrow the same board run back smoothly where the Bullnose Board met the side wall. The front edge of the deck was finished with Millboard Rigid Fascias.

One of the advantages of Millboard is the fact that it contains no wood, which means it does not expand or contract as the temperature and humidity changes which helps keep mitre joints closed and gaps between Decking Boards stay consistent.

For the Framing we used Supreme Concrete Dekposts for a rot free support system combined with 50×150 mm Use Class 4 Timber Joists. We taped these joists with Walther Strong Joist Tape to protect the tops from water damage over time, and to hide the wood Framing.

The end result is a low maintenance deck with a very high slip resistance, one of the advantages of Millboard Enhanced Grain. Scuffs and scratches can be reported with Millboard Touch Up Paint. Millboard is also very easy to clean.

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