Hit & Miss Fencing in Wimbledon SW19

Oilcanfinish Outdoor Living are a premium fence contractor in Wimbledon based in SW19 and servicing the local area.

We exclusively install Jacksons Fencing products due to their style, carpenter-build quality, and generous 25 year warranty. We also add our own 2 year installation warranty to ensure consumer peace of mind.

For this project we were wrapping both the clients fence line, as well as their 2 neighbors at the back, and also their next door neighbor also became a client of ours in the process. Despite significant elevation changes all on 3 sides, the end result is another perfectly level fence.

All materials did have to go through the terraced property, so we did have to put down flooring protection inside to protect the clients floor, as well as liase with the clients, the neighbors, and our waste collection suppliers to ensure the homeowners had as little disruption as possible.

The clients selected Jacksons Fencing Hit & Miss Fence Panels to a height of 1.52mt with a 30cm Premier Square Trellis topper. As always the Jacksons slotted fence posts, gravel boards, and their signature capping rails complete the look. The fence panels are screwed into the posts from the inside out with stainless steel screws to ensure they can not be removed or lifted. This also prevents any fence panels from rattling in the wind or moving over time to maintain the consistent look.]

Jacksons Fencing comes with a 25 year service life guarantee. This means the clients will be enjoying the look of this fence for a very long time. If you walk around Wimbledons residential areas it is practically a Jacksons Fencing showroom. We have had 3 clients already this year who had Jacksons Gates installed over 25 years ago which were still doing their job on a daily basis.

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Visit Jacksons Fencing to view their product lines in more detail at https://www.jacksons-fencing.co.uk/