Professional Fence Company in Wimbledon SW19

Oilcanfinish are a fence contractor who specialise in the installation of bespoke modern slat fencing and Jacksons Fencing fencing systems. We use Use Class 4 Jacksons Fencing Timber Posts or Galvanised Powder Coated Steel Posts providing your property with privacy and security and an immaculate finish.

There are numerous fence panels and posts to choose from when planning your fence. Any DIY Store will be able to sell you entry level panels. We do not install these. The main reason is these budget fence panels life expentancy is 5-8 years maximum because of how they were made, this is why they are the lowest priced products in the market. The type of wood used in entry level fence panels is fast grown timber and is filled with knots, the lower quality of nails used leads to rust marks and lines, the quality of construction means perfectly square corners and joints have not been made, and the treatment process of these fence panels is often dip treated versus pressure treated. All of these factors mean budget fence panels are below our standards and we can not recommend them to our clients. Our entry level fence panel is planed smooth and comes with a 25 year guarantee, and is only slightly more expensive.

As a family friendly business we need our fences and posts to be planed and sanded smooth to protect kids hands from slivers and cuts. We use rounded or chamfered edges on our posts and timber making them visually more attractive. Wherever possible we try to avoid using rough and sharp edged concrete posts for the same reason.

Jacksons Fencing Contractor

If you are looking for fence panels that are both stylish, well made, and backed by a reassuring guarantee on their longevity, we recommend Jackson’s Fencing.

Jackson’s Fencing is backed by a 25 Year Guarantee which is possible through their unique vacuum pressure treatment process. They have numerous sizes and styles of fence panels to suit your plans and preferences.

Jackson’s Fencing Panels come in widths of 1.83mt and various heights up to 1.83mt in 30cm intervals. They also include a full range of accessories including Capping Rails, Post Caps, Gravel Boards, even a Hedgehog Friendly Gravel Board. They have an extensive range of Garden Gates which match their Fence Panel styles.

The Jackson’s Fencing Post system includes standatd timber slotted posts, heavy duty timber slotted posts, and galvanised steel low profile posts. All of these come with a 25 year guarantee and have attractive end post and corner post options and infill pieces.

Oilcanfinish Landscaping are a Jacksons Fencing Approved Installer covering Kingston and Wimbledon.

Recent Fencing Projects by Oilcanfinish Outdoor Living

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  • Garden Remodel Project Murray Road Wimbledon SW19
    Previous clients of ours contacted us when they moved to their new house on Murray Road in Wimbledon SW19. The garden had been designed well, however it was showing its age and a Garden Remodel was required. The front garden Fencing had rotted out and the gate was almost unusable. They opted for Jacksons Fencing … Read more
  • Hit & Miss Fencing in Wimbledon SW19
    Oilcanfinish Outdoor Living are a premium fence contractor in Wimbledon based in SW19 and servicing the local area. We exclusively install Jacksons Fencing products due to their style, carpenter-build quality, and generous 25 year warranty. We also add our own 2 year installation warranty to ensure consumer peace of mind. For this project we were … Read more
  • Bespoke Jacksons Fencing Install in Wimbledon SW19
    For this fence install in Wimbledon SW19, the client had a crystal clear plan for what they wanted. The large sized garden was already separated in 4-5 sections through various methods. Combining Trellis and Low Level Fence panels separated the smaller side section 1 and 2 and full Trellis panels separated the paved area of … Read more
  • Bespoke Jacksons Fencing in Wimbledon SW19
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  • Jacksons Fencing Double Gate installed in Raynes Park SW20
    The old double gate had passed its sell by gate and was rotted through. Jacksons Fencing Double Gates come with a Jakcure 25 Year Service Life Guarantee. This year we have come across new customers of ours who had Jacksons Fencing Gates installed 22 and 28 years ago respectively, all still working as originally intended. … Read more

Slat Screen Fencing

We design and build custom fencing with Slat Rails, either as Fence Panel Sections or attached directly to Timber Posts. Our recommendation for these slat fences is Canadian Western Red Cedar slats, primarily due to Cedar’s natural resistances to fungus, wood boring insects, and rot.

Other less expensive options include Redwood Slats or pre-made Fence Panels designed as Slat Panels for ease of installation.

Canadian Western Red Cedar has a slight variance in colour between the slats providing a natural look combined in a modern style.

35-40 Year Life Expectancy for Cedar if treated regularly.

Slats are generally 20mm thick and come in widths of 38, 45, 70, 95 and 145mm and can be built to any height.

Featheredge Fence Installer

We install Featheredge Board Fencing with Arris and Cap Rails with either Timber or Concrete Fence Posts for a traditional look.

The horizontal arris rails can be fitted into Timber or Concrete Mortise Posts using traditional mortise methods or using galvanised brackets into square timber posts.

Featheredge Fencing can be built in any section length up to a width of 3mt between fence posts and to any height.