Garden Remodel Project Murray Road Wimbledon SW19

Previous clients of ours contacted us when they moved to their new house on Murray Road in Wimbledon SW19. The garden had been designed well, however it was showing its age and a Garden Remodel was required.

The front garden Fencing had rotted out and the gate was almost unusable. They opted for Jacksons Fencing with matching Gate. Having had us install Jacksons Fencing at their previous property they knew exactly what they wanted here when we arrived.

In the rear garden, there was a timber deck which was set below ground level so the decking Boards were level with the Paving. This looks superb when new, however it does require composite or aluminium Framing due to the low levels of air circulation in these types of decks. In this instance, the frame had rotten out in sections and the decking was dangerous.

The last piece of the puzzle was an old Trellis section which had seen better days. We showed our clients a similar project we had carried out the previous year and the Trellis Partition Wall was also added to the project.

Trellis Partition Screen Wall

For this section of the Garden Remodel we used Jacksons Fencing Vertical Tongue & Groove Fencing at 90 cm height for the bottom section and Jacksons Fencing Premier Trellis Panels for the top combined with their Posts, Gravel Boards and Capping Rails. This sections off the 2 areas of the garden, creates a space for climbing plants if desired, with an easy to navigate walk through. We left the walk through area exactly 1.03mt wide in case the clients decide to add a Jacksons Fencing Trellis Gate in the future.

Riven Sandstone Paving

We replaced the decking with Londonstone Riven Sandstone Paving to match the rest of the paving which was installed. There was a step made of timber decking to the lounge door which we also replaced, building a brick wall step which matches the steps to the kitchen in terms of design, colour, and layout. This paving is sitting on a compacted bed of MOT Type1 to prevent movement over time. We also extended the inset planter bed to match the other side of the rear garden. The paving was pointed with a natural looking Pointing Compound which replicates a Sand and Cement Mortar mix without the naturally occurring cracking which often occurs.

Front Garden Jacksons Tongue & Groove Fencing and Brook Gate

For the front garden we replaced the old gate which was catching on the paving as it had dropped, and removed the old fencing. We installed Jacksons Fencing Vertical Tongue & Groove Panel Fencing with one section trimmed to match the neighbors slat Fencing angle. The entry was finished with a Jacksons Fencing Brook Gate with a Stainless Steel Long Throw Keyed Lock. We always add a Capping Rail above our Gate installs to reduce the chance of movement over time which most gates experience. The Capping Rail keeps both posts the identical distance they should be regardless of timber expansion or contraction meaning the hinges and locks won’t require seasonal adjustments.

Jacksons Fencing Approved Installers

All Jacksons Fencing Timber products come with a 25 Year Service Life Guarantee, the only guarantee of its kind in the UK. Oilcanfinish Outdoor Living are a Jacksons Fencing Approved Installer. We also offer a 2 Year Installation Guarantee that warranties our installations are free of defects and if one is found, we will repair at no additional charge.

Due to the range of styles, quality of product, warranty, and aftercare service, we only recommend and install Jacksons Fencing for our Garden Remodel projects,

Jacksons Fencing have a network of the best Installers throughout the UK. If your property is too far from Wimbledon SW19 for us to carry out your work, Jacksons will find one of their Approved Fence Contractors closer to you.

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