Trex Composite Decking in Wandsworth SW18

This project started as a Decking replacement and quickly expanded to include other elements. The old hollow composite decking was faded and the frame had basically disintegrated in some places. The wooden posts which had supported it were so rotted out they had fallen to pieces.

Rot Free Decking Subframe Supports Installation

This project had a combination of soil and also a large concrete pad underneath the old decking. As we always work to have no timber in contyact with the ground we used our two most popular rot free post options. For the decking over the concrete pad we used 100mm x 100mm Plastic Composite Posts, notched for the joists to sit on, which are 100% rot free. For the decking over the soil we used Supreme Concrete Dekposts which are made with notches for the joists to sit on. Supreme Concrete Dekposts are factory made of preformed concrete with 2 bolt holes and are 100% rot free.

Timber Decking Frame Installation

For our higher level of decking we used Use Class 4 Treated Timber Joists which are 50mm x 150mm dimension. For our lower level decking we used Use Class 4 Treated Timber which is 50mm x 100mm dimension. All of these timbers are treated to a much higher level than standard Treated Timber to ensure they last longer against insect attack wood rot.

We tape the top of the joists with Trex Protect Joist Tape. This tape protects the joists:

  1. Trex Protect Joist Tape protects the timber decking joists and frame from water which pools on top of the flat surface of the decking joists between the decking boards. This prevents it from soaking into the wood as it stays on top of the tape until it evaporates naturally.
  2. Trex Protect Joist Tape forms a watertight seal around the decking screws to prevent water from travelling down the screw thread into the middle of the decking joists and getting into the middle of the timber decking joists.

Trex Composite Decking Installation

For this project the clients selected Trex Enhance Naturals in Toasted Sand (light brown) for their main decking areas. The picture frame border around the deck is Trex Transcend Spiced Rum.

  1. Trex Enhanced Naturals decking is installed using Trex Hidden Fixings and Trex Starter Clips with no visible screws.
  2. Trex Transcend decking is installed using Starborn ProPlug screws which are hidden with a cortex plugs.

This combination, using Trex Transcend as the picture frame border, combined with any Trex products for the main body of the decking, means no screws are visible on the deck. We always recommend clients use Trex Transcend for the Picture Frames on their Trex Deck project for this specific reason.

The darker colour of the Spiced Rum also highlights all of the elevation changes, from the artificial turf to the lower level deck, and from the lower level deck to the upper level deck. By the rear doors we matched the height of the door drip tray for a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

We also had an unusual ledge alongside the garage to contend with which was at varying heights and included some unattractive visible pipework to the garage. We boxed this in using Trex Transcend decking and made a shelf alongside the garage.

Rear Garden Jacksons Fencing

After discussing the decking, the clients also decided they would use Oilcanfinish Outdoor Living to install their fencing in the rear garden. Their neighbors were in the midst of a House Extension so part of the old fencing had already been removed.

The clients selected Tongue & Groove effect fencing from Jacksons Fencing. This is by far our most popular fencing over the years due to its contemporary appearance combined with the classic style of tongue and groove. As always we used Jacksons Fence Posts and Gravel Boards. Jacksons Fencing Capping Rails, which run along the top of the fence provide the polished finishing touch.

One of the bid advantages of replacing your fencing prior to completing your decking or paving project is that you can then build your new deck or paving right up to your new fence safe in the knowledge you have a 25 year guarantee from Jacksons Fencing.

Front Garden Picket Fencing

One additional section which needed attention was in the front garden between the house and the curb. The old fencing was long gone so a new Jacksons Pallisade Fencing was installed. There was some scaffolding blocking the fence route so this section will be completed once the scaffolding at the neighbors comes down.