Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance are you booked for Fencing and Decking Installations?

We are generally booked 2-3 months in advance for both Decking and Fencing work. We find this gives us ample time to have detailed discussions with our customers prior to the work being carried out. It is highly unlikely we will be able to accommodate a request to do an installation within 6 weeks of receiving a client request.

What is your booking and payment procedure?

At the time of booking we will send a contract to be countersigned. This includes all of our Terms and Conditions. Materials are paid in advance, Waste Removal is paid on the work commencement date, and Installation Charges are paid as the work progresses. For works which are under 2 weeks, Installation Charges are paid at one time at the end of the installation. For works which take longer than 2 weeks, a staged Installation Charge schedule will be included and detailed in the contract.

Do you install other fencing products than Jacksons Fencing?

We do only install Jacksons Fencing. This is predominantly down to the Jacksons Fencing 25 Year Guarantee and their After Sales service, along with their strict product quality standards. In the rare occurance where a customer has an issue with their Jacksons Fencing installation, either ourselves or a Jacksons Fencing representative will visit and determine what is the cause of the issue and what is required to rectify the issue. Provided the issue is considered an Installation defect and is identified within 2 years of the installation date, the repair will be undertaken at no cost to the customer by Oilcanfinish Ltd. This is separate to Jacksons Fencing 25 year service life guarantee on the materials themselves. These two levels of consumer protection are the main advantages, beyond superior appearance and finish, for the customer which separates Jacksons Fencing Approved Installers from other fencing companies. Visit Jacksons Fencing to review their 25 Year Service Life Guarantee here:

Do you undertake Decking Repairs?

We do not undertake decking repairs. It is very difficult to determine what is required to repair a decking frame as in most cases the frame is completely hidden until all of the decking boards have been removed. Many decking frames have been built with what we would class as inferior decking joist timber, often Use Class 3 or below. Often these frames have been installed using screws and bolts designed for interior use and the post supports are also insufficient to support the weight requirements. If your decking frame has failed within 10 years of installation, it is most likely because of one of the above mentioned items. Oilcanfinish Outdoor Living install new footings, bearers (if needed), decking frames, and decking boards.

Do you supply and install all materials?

We always supply and install all project materials. We purchase from a selected group of manufacturers and distributors with whom we have worked with for years. We do not undertake work where the materials are to be supplied by the customer as we can not confirm the correct materials and quantities have been ordered, or that the materials will be on site for the scheduled installation dates.

Do you supply materials only?

If you would like to undertake the installation work yourselves, we would be happy to arrange a supply only service. Please contact us to discuss your plans at We can assist with materials calculations and recommendations.