Screen Fencing & Slat Fencing

Oilcanfinish Outdoor Living design and build custom screen fencing and slatted fencing with battens, either as Slat Fencing Panel Sections or with Battens attached directly to Timber Posts to create bespoke Slatted Fencing. The key to finding a quality fence builder for batten fencing is to ensure you engage with a fence company who has done this type of work before. Using the correct materials and installation techniques is key to a lasting finish.

Slatted Fencing achieves a similar effect to trellis fencing and picket fencing as it allows light to pass through between the battens. Increasing or decreasing the gaps between the battens allows you to control the amount of light which passes through and restrict the visibility between the battens.

Slatted fencing has a very slylish finish to it and it is often installed in rear gardens strictly for it’s modern appearance as a contemporary alternative to diamond, square, and lattice trellis panels. The batten size and finish is important. Planed smooth will look dramatically better than sawn battens. Battens with chamfered edges has a softer finished appearance to square edges.

Often we find slat fencing is being used to hide an unattractive area of the property, whether it is a neighbors fence which doesn’t match the style you are trying to achieve, a storage area, to section off an area of the garden, or to clean up the appearance of unsightly brick or block walls.

There are several good options for premade batten fence panels. Jacksons Fencing make several options which come with a 25 Year Service Life Guarantee. Londonstone have recently launched a Charred Larch Batten Fence Panel which looks superb.

Where to install it:

Slat Fencing can be installed in front of, or face mounted onto, existing posts provided the posts are level and they are straight. You can also install new posts cemented into the ground or attached to concrete repair spurs. Slat fencing can also be wall mounted or suspended between two posts, above the ground, for example to close off a side of a pergola.

Our recommendation for these slat fences is Canadian Western Red Cedar battens, primarily due to Cedar’s natural resistances to fungus, wood boring insects, and rot and it’s 30-50 year life span. A good alternative at a lower price point would be Larch or Scandinavian Redwood.

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