Bespoke Jacksons Fencing in Wimbledon SW19

For this project, we designed and installed Bespoke Fencing and Double Gates in Wimbledon SW19. As a Jacksons Fencing Approved Installer our team of Carpenters are familiar with all aspects of this type of customization required for this project.

Oilcanfinish Landscaping is a Jacksons Fencing Approved Installer

The previous fencing had begun to rot and the old double gates had dropped and fallen out of alignment with eachother making it impossible to close them securely. The clients regularly use the side gate, as the weekly tradesmen entrance for the gardening team. The brick piers were in various states, with some having failed mortar which required resetting and one to the left of the double gates being completely out of level. This post was deemed to be outside the scope of this project,

As always, we recommended Jacksons Fencing products for their quality, detail, and 25 Year Jakcure Service Life Guarantee. All materials had to be customised on site to fit the area. The bays between the brick piers on this bespoke fencing project in Wimbledon SW19 were all different heights and widths so standard products would not work. If you are familiar with SW19 post code, this property is at the top of a steep hill leading from Ridgeway and Wimbledon Village down to Wimbledon town centre, so to offset the varying height changes on the street, It was decided the top line would be consistent on either side of the entry for consistency.

The double gates are hung on galvanised steel posts which have been clad with matching timber to the gates. The gates themselves have a galvanised steel frame within the body of the doors to prevent them from dropping over their lifespan. They have also been factory fitted with a Jacksons Fencing J Lock which is keyed on both sides. They also have drop bolts for both gates to make it east to secure the property. The posts and centre drop bolts have been cleaned up with freshly laid tarmac to provide an easy to clean and maintain area.

The clients also had an old Oak Pedestrian side gate which we refinished taking off decades of stains and greyed wood fibres bring it back to its former glory,

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