Millboard Enhanced Grain Composite Decking in Chiswick W4

This high traffic area of the garden connects the main house and garden with the garage and primary entrance to the property. The old softwood timber deck was slightly under sized as the area against the brick perimiter wall was just a bit too small for all or the Recycling Bins making the area unsafe due to the wood rot and unattractive. The old decking had rotted out and was unsafe in places where the wood had deteriorated and was no longer supporting the decking.

The new deck was raised up so that the deck was level with the garage door drip trays and also extended about 30cm further into the garden. These two changes required an additional step. 

We also added new deck lighting to increase the visibility of the steps on this High traffic area.

Millboard Enhanced Grain Decking in Lastagrip

The clients specified Millboard Decking for its appearance and low maintenance requirements. They Enhanced this by selecting Lastagrip due to its enhanced slip resistance underfoot. 

Timber Decking Joists with a 25 Year Guarantee

The Framing is made from Use Class 4 Timber joists from Jacksons Fencing which come with their own 25 year service life guarantee. This is the only timber available in the UK which comes with a guarantee from the manufacturer, which is why we always recommend it. To enhance this timbers resilience we taped the top of the Joists with Decking Tape.

All materials for this project come with a 25 Year Guarantee right down to the Timber Decking Joists. We always try to extend the life of deck projects as it is very rare when premium Decking Boards fail but very common for timber frames

Millboard PlasPro Composite Posts

The frame is elevated off the ground with Millboard PlasPro 100x100mm Composite Posts. These posts are not susceptible to rot in any way. The deck is a platform, unconnected to the building itself with a small 4mm cavity between the building drip tray and the decking and Frame allowing rain water to pass by the decking Boards and frame preventing water from standing on the decking Joists closest to the building, where they often fail prematurely.

Jacksons Fencing Wheelie Bin Store

For the Recycling Bins, we built two Double Wheelie Bin Stores, also from Jacksons Fencing. These timber storage units have doors which open from the front for removal, and also the top for adding waste into the bins. 

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