Trex Composite Decking Installation in Epsom KT19

This job was a straightforward Installation. The client had a paved patio that was highly uneven, had weeds growing through it, and also had a low brick wall between it and the rest of the garden. The Paving was below the Damp Proof Course on the home Brickwork, as it should be. It was also a step down from the rear doors. It was not very attractive and difficult to set up furniture and entertain.

Jacksons Timber Decking Frame

The framing used was Jacksons Fencing 100mm x 50mm Decking Joists. These come with a 25 Year Service Life Guarantee from Jacksons Fencing.

Trex Enhance Basics Clam Shell

The Decking chosen was Trex Enhance Basics in Clam Shell which come with a 25 Year Limited Warranty. The client wanted a modern dark grey finished colour and had already painted their fence in a similar colour.

Composite Decking Steps and Fascias

The design included a double Fascia on the garden side and a step to make the transition from Decking to Garden comfortable, at 19cm off the ground.

Composite Decking Bench Seat

The leading edge of the Decking and its height, creates a natural bench seat approximately 40cm off the ground. Sometimes mother nature gives you the natural measurements to create something without over complicating the design. The leading edge of this deck will have people perched on it, bare feet in the grass, with an ice cold drink in hand this summer.

Decking Installation Schedule

The total area was 4.8 mt wide by  4 mt deep. This was one of our small decking projects and the materials delivery, site preparation, frame building, composite deck building, composite step building, and decking fascia installation all together took 5 days. We started on Monday and finished before the next weekend. 

We actually finished the day before the new garden furniture arrived.
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