Trex Composite Decking Installation in Ewell KT7

This project had a crystal clear vision from the start. The clients knew exactly what they wanted. Slat Screen Fencing at the rear of the property, composite decking to replace their old Decking area, a wraparound step from the garden and Summerhouse, and a raised bed. It would be finished with an Aluminium Pergola.


When we arrived they had already removed the old Decking and Tree Surgeons had been in with a stump Grinder, however we knew extensive materials removal and levelling was required. There was an electrical cable buried under the old Decking and Concrete Footings under the fence which prevented the Tree Surgeons from removing the entire stump and root system. We did get these out entirely the old fashioned way, Shovel, Axe, and Bow Saw.

The electrician had arrived before us to run the 2 electrical sockets to the 2 outside corners of the decking area.

Decking Frame Installation & Bearers

We installed 3 rows of Bearers to take the bulk of the weight of the new Decking Frame. The frame was built with Jacksons Fencing 50x150mm Heavy Duty Joists which come with a 25 year guarantee. We also Taped these joists with Trex Protect Joist Tape to prevent water damage on the top of the joists.

Trex Composite Decking Installation: Trex Enhance Basics in Clam Shell

The decking selected was Trex Clam Shell to closely match their Anthracite Exterior Doors, Windows, and the Pergola. This Decking comes with a 25 Year Limited Warranty. We used Trex Hidden Fasteners to avoid having any rough edges to catch your feet on and we installed matching Trex Clam Shell Fascias for a consistent appearance.

The original brief was to retain the 4-5 rows of timber Decking in front of the Summerhouse doors, however we decided to replace them instead for a consistent appearance. It would also be very difficult to replace them in the future without damaging either the new Trex Decking or the Summerhouse itself.

Aluminium Louvered Pergola Installation

The Pergola is a beautiful addition as it comes with a Louvered roof which can be opened and closed, as well as roller blinds down 3 sides to provide various configurations or privacy, sunlight control, and waterproofing the area underneath. The louvers each have their own drains which feed down to the outside of the Pergola and then the rainwater runs down the inside of the posts. 

The clients already had their furniture, BBQ, Lanterns, and most importantly VW Freestanding Bar ready to go for their children’s party on the weekend.

The whole project finishes with a barefoot friendly, child-friendly deck, which required no staining or oiling, and can be cleaned with a sponge mop and a garden hose, all underscored by Trex and Jacksons 25 year guarantees.

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