Trex Composite Decking Installation in Richmond Upon Thames

The Client brief was to transform their garden into a low maintenance living space they could enjoy. They would be extending their living space outside with a new Trex Decking Installation in Richmond Upon Thames. The Decking was complimented with an inset Jacksons Fencing Pergola and new fencing at the rear of the property. The clients painted the timber Pergola and Fencing once everything was finished and had the Easigrass Artificial Turf installed shortly afterwards as well.

The Fencing and Decking was all to have a 25 year guarantee so they wouldn’t have to worry about maintenance and replacement costs in the garden as their next step was to redo their ground floor inside the house.

We installed Jacksons Fencing Featherboard Fence Panels and a Jacksons Pergola to Frame the space and to Hang Lights and Plants from. These comes with Jacksons Fencing Jakcure 25 Year Service Life Guarantee.

We installed Trex Enhance Basics Decking in Clam Shell with Trex Hidden Fixings, and used Jacksons Fencing Deck Joists finished with Trex Protect Joist Tape. The decking also comes with Trex 25 Year Limited Warranty.

We are a Jacksons Fencing Approved Installer and TrexPro Approved Installer. We very carefully choose which materials go into our projects. Our Decking Frame materials cost more than if we used Builders Merchant pressure treated timber, however the cost of taking apart a deck after 10-12 years because the deck frame failed, and then replacing it, then rebuilding the deck and paying for the rotten deck frame waste removal, is far more expensive. 

Try to plan as far in advance as possible and you will save thousands of pounds doing things professionally the first time.

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