Millboard Decking Installation in Raynes Park SW20

This Millboard Decking Installation in Raynes Park SW20 was a straight replacement of an existing deck. The old deck had started to bounce in sections and would quickly become unsafe.

Oilcanfinish Outdoor Living are a Millboard Approved Installer for Composite Decking

Oilcanfinish Outdoor Living are Millboard Approved Installers. We install Millboard Decking, Cladding, PlasPro Composite Decking Frames, and Duospan Aluminium Decking Frames.

How we build Decking Frames

The frame had began to rot and after 12 years was no longer supporting the Decking. On removal we found it was primarily made of Use Class 3 Timber Joists and Supports made up of 50x100mm Softwood. Use Class 3 Timber is not designed for contact with the ground. Most Decking frames we remove are made of this and they rot and become instable somewhere between 8-12 years after installation.

The new Frame was made with 50×150 Use Class 4 Joists with a C24 Structural Rating. Use Class 4 means the wood has been treated for constant contact with the ground, which is why it is the minimum material we install for Decking Frames.

As always, our frames are built with Spax Washer Head 8mm x 100mm screws for maximum strength.

The Decking frame was then taped with Joist Protection tape to ensure 1. water resting on the joists evaporates versus soaking into the wood and 2. The tape seals around the Decking Screws as they pass out of the bottom of the Decking Boards into the Joists specifically to prevent water from entering the screw holes and damaging the joists prematurely.

Decking Bearers & Support Posts: C24 50×150 Softwood Timber treated to Use Class 4 

We also added 5 rows of C24 Taped Bearers to fully support the Decking. Two of these bearers are bolted to the side of the house using M12 Stainless Steel Threaded Rod sections Resin Bonded into the brick work. Resin bonds prevent water from accessing the holes into the brickwork and form a very strong bond with the bricks versus using concrete screws which crack into the brick, especially engineering bricks, or sleeved bolts which have a habit of working themselves free over time. The Stainless Steel Threaded Rods are finished with Stainless Steel Washers and Nuts.

Lastly, the support posts for the frame are Jacksons Fencing 92x92mm Square Posts which are trimmed down into the shape of a chair. The joists rest on the seat of the chair. This fully supports the weight of the Decking onto a material which is also Use Class 4 and comes with a 25 Year Service Life Guarantee. These Joist Supports are also taped for the same reasons mentioned above.

Decking: Millboard Enhanced Grain Coppered Oak

The client selected Millboard Enhanced Grain decking boards in Coppered Oak colour. Enhanced Grain Decking boards are a bit wider than most available Decking boards at 176mm width making them look more like interior timber flooring.

Millboard Decking is a wood free product, and, due to its unique construction it can be installed closer together than most Hardwood or Composite Decking boards as it expands and contracts less. This means smaller gaps between the boards and closer fitting mitred corners.

The colour selection was heavily related to the flooring in the house. The level of the Decking is a perfect match with the house flooring meaning seamless inside / outside flooring.

Recessed Decking Lighting, sockets, and water supply 

There were two  60mm wide recessed lights on either side of the Upper Level of Decking, five recessed lights on the step fascias, 1 Electrical Outlet on the step Fascia, 1 Water Supply hose and Tap on the lower Fascia, and 3 access panels built on the Upper Deck for wiring and socket access. As always, we did the hole recesses and let the electrician handle the wiring.

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