Trex Composite Decking installation in Richmond Upon Thames TW9

The goal for this Trex Composite Decking installation in Richmond TW9 was to expand on the usable space, redefine the boundaries, and create a low maintenance garden ideal for entertaining and planting. We initially planned to install the fencing and decking and this expanded to include the raised beds and artificial turf. The materials selection was key to delivering a low maintenance option.

The idea was to have an immediate walk out decking area approximately 1mt deep, then artificial turf leading to the rear decking area with planter beds on the sides. The fencing on both sides would also be replaced.

We had worked on this street before, just a few houses down so we’re familiar with the layout. As always, we do the fence first. This closes off the area and gives us our final dimensions to work within which can differ slightly from the initial surveys. Fencing is the most invasive part of the work so best to get the heavy tools in and out of the way early. Also, it is very difficult to install fencing up to a new deck or patio, while building a new deck up to a new fence is straightforward.

For materials information and the thinking behind the selections:

Jacksons Fencing:

Jacksons Fencing Featheredge Fence Panels, Slotted Posts, Gravel Boards, and Capping Rails. All Jacksons Fencing timber products come comes with a 25 year Jaccure Service Life Guarantee. No other UK fencing or timber manufacturer provides a written guarantee for the homeowner to back up their softwood products in this way, which is why we exclusively install their products wherever possible.

We installed Jacksons Fencing Flat Top Featherboard Fencing. The reason it looks so superior to other similar products is the details in their Slotted Posts, Planed Smooth Gravel Boards and the Capping Rails. These touches clean up all the rough edges which are so clearly visible on other fencing products providing a polished finish.

Trex Composite Decking Installation:

Trex Enhance Basics Composite Decking in Clam Shell for the modern Anthracite look. Trex Enhance Basics is oiur entry level composite decking product. For anyone considering a composite deck we only recommend a small selection of tried and tested manufacturers. There are 20-30 different manufacturers to choose from just in the UK so that list was pruned down to meet the Oilcanfinish Outdoor Living manufacturer requirements for aftercare service, warranty, and product quality. We never recommend or install Hollow Deck Boards.

This was installed on Jacksons Use Class 4 Planed Smooth Decking Joists taped with Trex Protect Joist Tape. This combination leads to the most resilient Softwood Decking Frame available in the UK. The timber is treated and comes with its own guarantee from Jacksons, which we enhance by adding Joist Tape onto. Decking Joist Tape prevents water from 1. resting onto the top of the joists eventaully rotting it prematurely and 2. Water travelling down the screw holes into the middle of the joist. The decking itself also comes with a 25 Year Limited Warranty from Trex.

Easigrass Artificial Turf:

The turf is Easigrass Mayfair with Zero lite deodorising infill as the clients have a cat. We compacted down 750kg or MOT Type 1 to level the lawn area between the Sleeper Beds and topped that off with 150 Granite Dust for smooth finish which allows water to drain through easily.

Raised Sleeper Beds:

Lastly, we used Jacksons Planed Smooth Chamfered Sleepers to provide a perfect low level planting area. These are installed using Sleeper Brackets cemented into the ground to permit 1. Easy replacement if necessary and stability to the sleeper bed so it does not lose its shape over time as the wood expands and contracts.

Low Maintenance Garden Installations

All of the Jacksons Timber will change to a warm Honey Brown colour after about 3 months time once the preservative dries out. After that the UV light will gradually turn the wood a silvery colour. If painting or staining your fence it is recommended to wait 3-6 months after installation before doing so, although treating your fence is not a requirement for the Jacksons Fencing guarantee.

The artificial turf can be kept clean with a stiff broom and an outdoor vacuum and the decking can be cleaned with a sponge mop and warm water.

All straightforward, and low-maintenance, as requested!