Reside Outside – launching January 2023

Welcome to Reside Outside.

Quality garden products that stand out from the crowd:

RB73 – Corten Steel Outdoor Wood Stoves

Handmade in the Netherlands, these wood stoves all start looking the same way, as the corten steel is exposed to the elements, they rust slightly which gives each a unique finish. They also make fire bowls and wood storage units.

Visit RB73s website at

Jacksons Fencing Venetian and Metro Slat panels

Jacksons Fencing have 3 options for slat fencing, all available at various heights. In the photo you will see Venetian Hit and Miss (left) and Venetian (right) fence panels. The Venetian Panels allow light and visibility through the panels, ideal for separating two area from eachother, without complete separation. Venetian Hit and Miss completely closes off visibility and is ideal for a boundary fence.

The third option is Metro panels which are face mounted, keeping the posts hidden behind the slat fencing.

Top Tip: Try the Venetian panels as an alternative to a Trellis for a more modern look.

Glass Ballustrades and Stainless Steel Handrails

Glass Ballustrade Decking Installation in Kingston Upon Thames KT2 by Oilcanfinish Kitchen View

Glass Ballustrades are the best option to ensure your decking complies with building safety requirements in a manner which doesnt detract from the views. Ballustrades are required if the drop from your decking to the next level down is 600mm or higher.

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