Smooth Softwood Decking Install in Kingston KT1

This garden had previously had various gravel areas behind the house and some areas of fairly old uneven concrete. The clients wanted a smooth surface across the width of the house for a safer and more usable space for the children and entertaining.

We installed Smooth Redwood decking throughout the area and oiled it. 

The big advantages of using smooth decking are:

  1. Easy to clean.
  2. Easy to oil annually. Just use a roller as you would do painting a wall.

Cleaning is a breeze with either a blower, garden vacuum, broom, or even a mop and warm water. Grooved decking collects dirt and airborne seeds which results in fast growing moss across the surface. If pressure washing, ensure you use a low pressure setting and keep the nozzle 60cm/2ft awatly from the timber.

The oil will have a smoother finish than any reeded/grooved decking where the oil will flow down into the cavities leaving you with dark lines across your decking. It can also be sanded smooth at any time if refinishing is required.

We finished the exterior with a connecting bench seat to close in the planting and steps on 2 sides.