Softwood Timber Decking installation in Thames Ditton KT7

This Thames Ditton decking build was approximately 50 Square Meter, which is a medium sized decking project for us.

The goal was to invest in a durable frame, within budget, and a smooth Redwood decking surface. The clients actively clean and oiled their last decking and kept it very tidy, however some of the softwood framing had gone in the corners.

For the frame we used Jacksons Fencing 50x100mm Use Class 4 Timber at 400mm centres. This was taped with Walther Strong Joist Tape to add more protection to the tops of the joists, the point where most softwood joists do fail. The framing is connected via Spax 8mm wide x 100mm length Washer Head Structural Screws. All end cuts have been treated with Barrettine’s End Grain preservative.

For the Decking, the client selected 145mm width Redwood Decking Boards. The pattern was all boards to be instralled at a 45 degree angle from the house, with the centrepoint of the main two areas being the rear doors. The client wanted the smooth side of the decking facing upwards, which is something we always recommend.

Grooved decking does not add additional slip resistance, clean decking provides additional slip resistance so the key is to install decking which is easy to clean. If you want additional slip resistance above and beyond this, use an additiive or grip enhancing oil which will be far easier to install on smooth decking as well.

The top advantages of installing decking with the smooth side upwards are:

  • Easy to Clean, smooth surfaces are far easier to clean than grooved surfaces with a broom, mop, garden vacuum, or blower.
  • Less cleaning needed. No grooves to collect dirt, moisture, and airborne seeds leading to algae and moss
  • Easy to Oil. You can use a roller on smooth decking and you will get uniform coverage as the oil wont be dripping down into the grooves
  • Easy to match later if replacing a damaged decking board

Softwood Decking Installation Photo Gallery

Note: In the photos you will see some sanding lines where we sanded down the screw heads for a ultra smooth finish and also some greenish tinges of preservatiuve. These will fade out as the decking becomes more exposed to UV light and fully dries.