Deck Frames

We spend a significant amount of time planning the framing system for your deck to ensure it will last as long as you expect it to. Decking frames create a small cavity between the ground and the deck with poor air circulation. Moisture builds up from the combination of rainfall and ground moisture. This lack of air circulation results in a build up of humidity which can not easily escape for the frame to dry out when it gets wet. With this issue in mind, when we build a deck we use 3 systems for the frame.

Decking Frame Options

  1. Aluminium Decking Frames. These frames are resistant to rust, insect attack and rot
  2. Composite Decking joist frames. Composite frames are resistant to rot and insect attack which are the main reasons why decking frames fail.
  3. Timber Decking Frames. For timber frames we use Jackson’s Fencing Decking Joists which are treated to Use Class 4 and come with a 25 Year Guarantee. Of the 3 options, this is the most economical.

Your deck support frame can be mounted on timber posts, concrete deck posts, concrete deck blocks, composite bearers, rubber spacer feet, or Millboards Duolift Risers. The advantage of non-wood products or blocks is that they do not rot or deteriorate from moisture or wood boring insects.

Aluminium Frame

Millboard Duospan Aluminium Decking Frame

Our Aluminium Decking Frames are from Millboard

Composite Frame

Composite Decking Frame

Timber Frame

Softwood Decking Frame

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