Jacksons Fencing Installation in Wimbledon SW19

This Jacksons Fencing installation in Wimbledon Village SW19 is a perfect example of the versatility of Jacksons Fencing luxury fencing products combined with an extraordinary house and a very a busy main road.

The area is one of the main roads leading into Wimbledon Village, adjacent to busy schools and a private tennis club, and the owners also had pets. Each evening after the team had finished their work for the day the property had to be completely closed off again versus removing all old Fencing in one day and then beginning the installation.

The old fence was 5 feet high (150cm) with a 2 foot Trellis (60cm). The goal was to recreate Jacksons Fencing Canterbury Combi panels appearance, but slightly higher on the Slat Trellis portion of the Panel and with Heavy Duty Jacksons Posts and Capping Rails for a sturdy finish built to last.

The fence included a rounded corner which, on the inside of the property, included an elevated section of the garden with a very large tree. The Tree protrudes over the fence at approximately 1.8mt height so it was decided to make the tree a feature and not install a Trellis on that Fence bay.

On the inside of this elevated section of the fence we built up a 40cm high retainer wall using Jacksons Fencing Sleepers to protect the Fence from the soil which would press against it and push the fencing out of position.

Here are the products:

Jacksons Fencing Horizontal Tongue and Groove Fence Panels 1.52mt

Jacksons Fencing Venetian Panels 62cm

Jacksons Fencing Heavy Duty Posts 3.0mt

Jacksons Fencing Heavy Duty Capping Rails

Jacksons Fencing Gravel Boards

Jacksons Fencing Sleepers 100x200mm x 2.4mt