Timber Decking

Timber Decking Design and Install

Softwood Timber Decking provides decking options which do not exist in Hardwood Decking and Composite Decking, in terms of price and appearance.

The entry level decking we work with is Pressure Treated Redwood Decking. Our recommendation is to install this with the smooth side facing upwards. This provides you with an easy to clean smooth surface. If oiling your decking, you will get a uniform coating if installing smooth side facing upwards. There are additives to decking oil which can improve the slip resistance of softwood decking, however the best way to keep your decking slip resistant is to clean it regularly. Modern tools such as blowers and garden vacuums are ideal for keeping your decking clear of debris, however a broom and mop work just as well.

Moving up from softwood decking into Hardwood Decking you have tropical harwoods such as Yellow Balau and IPE. These decking boards will outlast everything, including WPC decking. If properly maintained, hardwood decking can last 40-50 years. Please note, this applies to the decking boards only. The only decking frame which will last nearly as long as Hardwood decking is Aluminium.

Photo of Smooth Softwood Decking in Garden behind house in Kingston KT1

Smooth Redwood Decking

Smooth Redwood Decking

Jacksons Fencing Decking

Jacksons Fencing Decking products come with a 25 Year Service Life Guarantee

Two decking board sizes available – standard or heavy duty
Jakcured grooved decking boards to help create a safer slip-resistant surface
Spaces between the decking boards to aid drainage
Non rust fastenings for extra long life
Anti-slip decking also available

Cedar Decking

There are no timber product which can deliver the same natural variations in colour tones as Cedar.

Canadian Western Red Cedar decking can last in excess of 35 years if a strict maintenance schedule is followed. The main attraction of Cedar is the variation in colour tones. To keep these colours looking vibrant year after year will require applying an oil based oil which is UV resistant annually. Failing to apply a UV oil will result in the timber turning a silvery colour.

Please note Cedar Decking is very easy to mark, so heavy objects will leave behind an imprint in the wood.

Hardwood Decking

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